Sexual addiction is fed by loneliness

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To heal and grow in life we need to experience healthy social and emotional relationships; relationships that allow us to experience the truth of love. It is in this kind of fellowship where we get the necessary strength to start changing.   Sexual addiction is characterized by loneliness - the closet that allows us to continue [...]

Other effects of sin

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In addition to offending and disrespecting a holy God and others, sin demands a price from the sinner. Before giving in to the next temptation please give serious consideration to these consequences:   Sin disappoints: Sin never keeps his promises. Sure sin often brings temporary pleasure.  But just as I said, these pleasures are fleeting. We [...]

There is no superior in an accountability relationship

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Sometimes, men who I don’t know come to me saying something like this: “I’ve heard you’re good in this issue of accountability; I want to ask you to be my accountability partner in order to stop watching porn. I have already held accountability but it hasn’t worked, I need a leader like you so it will [...]

Is it a sign of Christian maturity not to depend on other people?

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Thanks for giving me some minutes to share with you a brief teaching. I also want to say that if you’re receiving resources like this one, you must know that they’re not available for all our audience. But for the mentors of the ministry, who are very committed with Free in Christ, investing their time and [...]

Three Radical Habits to Win the Battle of the Mind

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Many of us don’t overcome the use of pornography just because it is always available. Overcoming sin is only complete by the cross of Jesus Christ. But Jesus explained in the so-called “Sermon of the Mount” that practical action is necessary to get rid of the external sources of sin: 27 You have heard the commandment [...]

Humility, a tool to stop sinning

2017-10-11T10:24:59+00:00 October 11th, 2017|Categories: Restoration Strategies|Tags: , , |

In recent weeks, I have had a memory in mind. I was already working in this full-time ministry. I had graduated a while ago from the online counseling program and had completed my preparation as a mentor. Aiming to follow us up in our recovery process of our biggest necessity, our Pastor asked a question in [...]

Why God would bring my sin to light

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For he will bring our darkest secrets to light and will reveal our private motives. Then God will give to each one whatever praise is due. 1 Corinthians 4:5 (NLT) Every time I read this verse a certain fear takes hold of my heart. Will He really bring to light all my secrets? It is what [...]

10 Tips on bringing your sin into the light

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Many people who have heard me speak, in a sermon at church, sharing with a small group or a conversation between friends, now are striving to practice one of our vital principles: confessing our sins to someone else. No, it is not enough to confess before God.   The Biblical principle shows that it is in [...]

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