Being Honest About My Temptations

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Freedom from habitual, sexual sin is really a blessing in my life.  Although there are still struggles, God is faithful and sustains me in every trial. His hand is right there when I need it, and victory through Jesus often seems  easy to achieve and maintain. But the fight goes beyond just leaving behind certain habits. [...]

There is no superior in an accountability relationship

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Sometimes, men who I don’t know come to me saying something like this: “I’ve heard you’re good in this issue of accountability; I want to ask you to be my accountability partner in order to stop watching porn. I have already held accountability but it hasn’t worked, I need a leader like you so it will [...]

I need to think like a child to overcome sexual sin

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One of the Biblical principles we practice in this Ministry to overcome sexual sin is called Radical Cut off.  We define it as the practice of eliminating or block all possible sources of sin. Nevertheless, it will be worthless to eliminate the sin sources without a change of heart.  I myself have been resistant to obey [...]

Understand the magnitude of your wife’s infidelity

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There are many approaches to define the infidelity of your wife.  It can be defined as trauma, as sexual addiction, as a result of the affective deprivation in marriage. But I find that the sufficient and superior approach is defining it as sin. In my experience in the program Bravery Steps (Pasos de Valentía), I have [...]

OSCAR: He change my life of torment and bondage

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Our mentor of Libres en Cristo writes: As a teenager or as a child, I developed a form of double personality, I became very lonely in my true self, the part that I revealed was never the real one. In my secret personality I got involved in masturbation and almost at the same time in pornography [...]

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