Manhood and Restoration – Why do I Have Relapses?

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Christian Brother, you and I must live in this culture.  Jesus called it “the world” and He repeatedly warned us not to compromise.  We must be different.  Read His prayer for us – it is the 17th chapter of the gospel of John. But there are always temptations out there!  For that reason, toward the end [...]

Sexual addiction is fed by loneliness

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To heal and grow in life we need to experience healthy social and emotional relationships; relationships that allow us to experience the truth of love. It is in this kind of fellowship where we get the necessary strength to start changing.   Sexual addiction is characterized by loneliness - the closet that allows us to continue [...]

Other effects of sin

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In addition to offending and disrespecting a holy God and others, sin demands a price from the sinner. Before giving in to the next temptation please give serious consideration to these consequences:   Sin disappoints: Sin never keeps his promises. Sure sin often brings temporary pleasure.  But just as I said, these pleasures are fleeting. We [...]

What does the Bible say about the doubts of a man regarding his wife’s infidelity?

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I write this for those men who suspects about the infidelity of his wife.  Although the commitment and relationship level is very different in nature, it could also apply for those who suspect their fiancée or girlfriend is unfaithful.  I want to be clear that I am not referring to those men who are compulsively jealous [...]

Understand the magnitude of your wife’s infidelity

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There are many approaches to define the infidelity of your wife.  It can be defined as trauma, as sexual addiction, as a result of the affective deprivation in marriage. But I find that the sufficient and superior approach is defining it as sin. In my experience in the program Bravery Steps (Pasos de Valentía), I have [...]

Ask details about my partner’s sexual sin

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After discovering that one’s partner was in sexual sin, many people ask detailed questions about that sin. Many people, wanting to be honest during their restoration, give all the information that is demanded of them. However, knowing so many details can delay the healing process, and create unnecessary harm. On the other hand, a person's refusal [...]

Relational Consequences of Confession

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The Bible gives us the promise of healing when we confess our sins to others. Confession brings inner healing, as well as healing in relationships. This is one of the tools within our programs that can be used to end sexual sin. Every principle you put into practice is a way of applying the Grace of [...]

Why not completely eliminate sources of sin?

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If you have identified some things that you must completely eliminate from your life, then let’s talk about why many have trouble with this principle: Because of our many excuses If you think about it, every reason not to be obedient is just a desperate desire of our flesh and our soul to keep the door [...]

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