The First Benefits I Got from Abstinence

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When I began my 60-day course, perhaps if my mentor had ordered me to stop I would have just left the course right then, because abstinence * was something I thought impossible, unreachable ... and there was no point to it.   I had high expectations for freedom from pornography, but neither did I fully understood [...]

OSCAR: He change my life of torment and bondage

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Our mentor of Libres en Cristo writes: As a teenager or as a child, I developed a form of double personality, I became very lonely in my true self, the part that I revealed was never the real one. In my secret personality I got involved in masturbation and almost at the same time in pornography [...]

HECTOR: with a humble and broken heart I heard the voice of God

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One of our mentors writes:  I had several girlfriends as an attempt to deceive others. And I thought that by dating girls, my homosexual thoughts would disappear, but it wasn’t true. I grew up in a home where my mother was a Christian, but my dad was not. My mom always taught us about the love [...]

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