Other effects of sin

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In addition to offending and disrespecting a holy God and others, sin demands a price from the sinner. Before giving in to the next temptation please give serious consideration to these consequences:   Sin disappoints: Sin never keeps his promises. Sure sin often brings temporary pleasure.  But just as I said, these pleasures are fleeting. We [...]

Being Honest About My Temptations

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Freedom from habitual, sexual sin is really a blessing in my life.  Although there are still struggles, God is faithful and sustains me in every trial. His hand is right there when I need it, and victory through Jesus often seems  easy to achieve and maintain. But the fight goes beyond just leaving behind certain habits. [...]

Sexual Sin Comes from the Heart, Not from the Past

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When looking for the roots of sexual addiction we do not need to look beyond our own nature. Let’s look to the authority on sin and righteousness…the word of God.   The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.  Who can understand it? (Jeremiah 17: 9)   David said, Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful [...]

Kill Your Flesh?

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That is a great deal to think about, isn’t it?  So, this is a good time to contemplate the death of Christ and his resurrection, and the power that both bring to the life of the Christian who wants to mortify his carnal nature, and kill his sexual sin. We invite you to read the following [...]

I Renounce My Bonds

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In his excellent book, The Bondage Breaker; Neil Anderson emphasizes the importance of renouncing past sins and lies that held our minds from the truth and from purity. He urges those of us who have fought against sexual strongholds to pray fervently something like this:   Lord, I renounce all use of my body as an instrument [...]

The First Benefits I Got from Abstinence

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When I began my 60-day course, perhaps if my mentor had ordered me to stop I would have just left the course right then, because abstinence * was something I thought impossible, unreachable ... and there was no point to it.   I had high expectations for freedom from pornography, but neither did I fully understood [...]

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