The Dragon of Pornography

//The Dragon of Pornography

The Dragon of Pornography

When we, Christian men, are not watchful, Internet pornography is just waiting to pounce!  It is not unlike the sleeping dragon in ancient Chinese stories.  Never awaken a sleeping dragon!

To illustrate, let’s go back about 60 years to an event that, at the time, only a select few knew about…

In May of 1946, almost a year after the end of WWII, secret scientific experiments were still being conducted near Los Alamos, New Mexico.  One of the brilliant, young men who took part in these was named Louis Slotin.  Because so little was known about this field, any job was hazardous.

Louis Slotin was no newcomer to danger.  He had fought with the Spanish Republic in the 1930’s and flown with the Royal Air Force.  He had a Doctor’s Degree in Physics, then called Physical Chemistry.  And he had worked on the first nuclear reactor – the top secret Manhattan Project under the stadium at the University of Chicago.

At Los Alamos, Slotin was involved in an experiment that brought fissionable materials to near critical mass.  At critical mass, such a material would go into a chain reaction and spray neutrons and other deadly particles all around.  So the trick was to carefully and gently move two hemisphere’s, made of beryllium and containing just enough plutonium, coaxing them as closely together as possible without getting them too close, killing yourself and everyone else within several yards.

On the fateful day of May 30th, with several scientific observers in the room, Slotin manipulated the disk-shaped objects.  Because of its deadly nature, he called this procedure, “tickling the tail of the dragon”.  And that’s truly what it was.  Only, this day, Slotin gave the experiment an even more dangerous twist.

Instead of just removing one of the shims that separated the two, he removed them all, substituting a screwdriver blade, which, because of the leverage, allowed him to more easily adjust the distance between the half-globes.

He twisted it ever so slightly.  The screwdriver slipped!  For whatever reason, it slipped.  And the two sections jammed together, giving off an eerie, blue glow – signaling that a tremendous amount of hard radiation was ionizing the air immediately around them.

Slotin reacted at once!  Grabbing the two rounded chunks of death, he forced them apart!  His instinctive move probably saved the lives of the other seven men in the room.  But Slotin, himself, instantly received a fatal dose of radiation.  He suffered increasing agony over the next several days, dying on the ninth day.

Christian Men:

Sometimes, in life, we are called on to do extremely dangerous things.  But when it is not essential, why not just stay away?

When we are on the Internet, pornography constantly beckons to us.  We do not have to leave ourselves open to that stuff.  Surfing the WEB without protection is very like tickling the tail of a sleeping dragon, or more appropriately – stabbing it with a screwdriver.  Let’s get a filter!  Sure, there would still be ways we could look at pornography.  But a filter would be a thick shim between us and that demon.  Without it, we have to depend on our own will, and we know how shaky that can be.

There is a dragon out there. Why invite him to wake up?



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